How strong is your immune system?

Carbon 60 (C60) is one of the most powerful antioxidants known. Antioxidants enhance and moderate immune function. Antioxidants represent a therapeutic option to fight influenza. FullerLifeC60’s Patented Carbon 60 (C60) antioxidant neutralizes free radicals.

Free radicals are involved in as many as 100 human degenerative conditions and diseases, including viruses like the flu, chronic inflammation and cancer.

C60 is a naturally occurring antioxidant that can be taken as a health supplement. Take a C60 strip once a day and/or get the restorative cream for your skin.

FullerLifeC60 is the easiest and most effective way to enjoy the many benefits. FullerLifeC60 introduces the world’s first PATENTED under-the-tongue BioActiveC60 strips. Now shipping directly to you.


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  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT. 300x stronger than Vitamin C
    5x stronger than turmeric.
  • PATENTED EASY-TO-TAKE STRIPS. Fully soluble Carbon 60 (maximal bioactivity). Carry the 30-pack in your pocket or purse. No messy oils to measure or spill. Great minty taste!
  • SAFE AND LONG LASTING. Solvent-free. Can be stored for over a year in the pouch. Will not go rancid like other products. Does not need refrigeration.
  • MORE BIOACTIVE THAN LEADING BRANDS. Up to 40 times more bioactive (non-clumping formulation). Not magnetically stirred. Not made with solvents.
  • MADE IN THE USA. Produced using 99.99% pure Carbon 60 (C60)

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Clustered vs. Dissolved

When C60 clusters or clumps, its effectiveness, i.e. bio availability, is reduced. Clumps are not bioactive at all.

This was confirmed in the Baati et. al. rat study which noted that dissolved C60 appears hundred times more bioactive than when it is in suspension. In fact the action of soluble C60 is immediate while that of suspended C60 is delayed because it has to be dissolved to act.

FullerLifeC60 ORAC Value

Mental focus is better

I have taken their “bioactive C60” sublingual strips for about a month. This is the best C60 I have found, and way better than C60 in olive oil. My mental focus is better throughout the day, and I have more energy (I find it better to take in the morning vs. at night for this reason). Sam Sokol – Google

My productivity has increase measurably

I currently have 2 jobs, first as a HS health care teacher 2 classes every morning; 7-10 a.m. second as a home health nurse, seeing about 8-10 patients a week. The first 2 days I noticed a greater clarity of organizing and planning my day. I thought it might be placebo or wishful thinking. It’s real! My productivity has increased measurably, I’ve been seeing 12-15 people a week. And although 15 was pushing it 10-12 visits is comfortable. I am sleeping well waking easily and minimal discomfort in my joints just when I first get into bed.
With sincere gratitude Julie E RNCM – Google

Not sore like normal

After taking FullerLife C60 for almost a month, it snowed about 10 inches and I had to shovel a lot of snow out of my 100 foot long driveway. I’m a very sedentary person and in the past, when there was this much snow, I’ve had sore muscles all over my torso for about 3 days after shoveling it. To my surprise, after shoveling 10 inches of heavy, wet snow out of my 100 foot long driveway, I was not sore at all the next day! Furthermore, this C60 seems to help me stay alert and awake after a night of not sleeping well. It doesn’t help me sleep, but it helps the next day. I would recommend it to anyone. Brandon Brown – Google

Happy with the results!

I started taking FullerLifeC60 and I have been very happy with the results. After only 5 weeks of taking it, I was surprised to find the knuckle on my ring finger was back to normal after being swollen for 9 months. I was finally able to wear my wedding ring again! The other change that I noticed has been a significant decrease in the soreness of my right elbow that has been hurting for over a year. The only thing I have done differently is taking the FullerLife C60 which apparently is reducing the inflammation in my body. I plan on continuing to take the FullerLife C60. The price is great and it is very simple to take each day under the tongue. I highly recommend it!

6/22/20 I wanted to give an update on my elbow pain. I have been taking the Fuller Life C60 strips for 8 months. About two months ago, I realized I was not experiencing any more pain in my elbow especially after paddle boarding and gardening which were two things that caused it to hurt even more last year. Also my workouts have been stronger and I am sleeping better. I am continuing to take the C60 strips everyday. My daughters and husband have also been taking it to keep their immune systems healthy. I am still highly recommending this product! Peggy – Google

Fingers no longer stiff from arthritis

I am a veterinary surgeon working in a high volume spay/neuter clinic. I started to develop arthritis in my hands. This would mean stiff fingers for the first 30 minutes or so of my surgical day until they were “warmed up”. After taking FullerLifeC60 for a couple of months, I noticed that my fingers were no longer stiff in the morning and I could start my day at full speed. I am so pleased with the results that I shared with my dad and now he has started on it too and is also having great results. Alison Farruggio – Google

Improved eye sight

I have been taking FullerLifeC60 for approximately 3 months and the results have been very encouraging. I had a sore spot on my face that periodically became itchy. I spoke to my GP and he recommended getting it iced off just to be safe. It took me awhile to notice that it isn’t sensitive anymore and appears to be shrinking. I also take daily eye drops for pressure in the back of my eyes. This has been going on for a couple of years. I have had numerous field tests for my eyes showing the blind spots. I did the latest one just a couple of days ago and the results improved from the last one. My vision is clearer, the eye specialist said it’s probably because I am getting better at the test because poor eyesight is irreversible. I am believing different. Fingers crossed, looking forward to proving him wrong with continued use of FullerLifeC60. Peter Zotti – Google

Better than C60 in oil

Been taking Fuller life since it came out. I was doing a different C60 previously. It is by far better than the oil C60 product. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to increase their health. I can say it definitely helps with inflammation. I was in a car accident where my vehicle was totaled (air bag went off). I was not injured. The EMT told me I’d be sore the next day or two.. I took 2 Ibuprofen every 6 hours for the day and my daily C60. The next day and subsequent days I had zero after effects from the accident. No soreness or anything. After a few days, it dawned on me that most likely the C60 was the difference maker in feeling no soreness at all! John F. – Google

I really love this C60!

I have been taking C60 to help with inflammation pain and found all of the products I’ve tried to have benefit. Then I found this one! This is by far the best! I am not feeling the pain at all and I have much more energy, I’m also noticing improved focus. I take it first thing in the morning and the taste is refreshing and very pleasant. The strip disappears under my tongue in seconds. The delivery system is a great innovation. The tiny little plastic case is smaller than the old-style matchbooks and fits easily in my purse or pocket. It’s hard to believe that so much power can come in such a tiny package. Having experienced an unfortunate C60 oil-spill in my suitcase, the package would be enough to make me buy it but the contents of the package have exceeded my expectations. I am telling all my friends!  –  MSAZ – Amazon

Life changing!

C-60 is amazing! I am so grateful that this product is on the market! It is helping me cure stage 3 colon cancer. My inflammation and toxicity levels are WAY down. I have sooo much more energy, and I don’t like drinking oil, so this mode of taking it is so amazing. The customer service is amazing too. One of my orders got lost in the mail and she sent me another super fast! Thank you!!! – Mollie W. – Amazon

Life Changer

My Dad is 95,Stepmom is 92. Both are doing so much better using one little sheet a day. Tastes great so they’re happy to take it. I haven’t told them anything about it because they are totally conventional and not into supplements but I can tell that they know that they’re feeling more active, focused and happier. Today they drove to their favorite restaurant for the first time in months. I had been using various oil based C60 products at a Tablespoon a day and have been happy with all the brands I’ve tried but now have switched to using only FullerLife C60 instead . One a day was great for me for the first month but about a week ago I went to 2 a day just because I’m working to feel a lot younger. There was a point in my life where I realized that if I don’t start feeling like I’m becoming younger somehow, I’ll just continue to feel like I’m getting older. C60 isn’t the only thing I’m using but it may be the best. I’ll do an update on my folks and myself when I have some more good news. Vegan4Life – Amazon