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In 1985, two years after Bucky’s death, C60 was discovered. The new molecules were named buckminsterfullerenes in his honor. The three scientists who discovered it won the Nobel Prize.

C60 acts like a free radical sponge. Free radicals are useful at a low level. However, they become elevated to unhealthy levels by air pollution, intense exercise, chronic inflammation and smoking.

Clustered vs. Dissolved

When C60 clusters or clumps, its effectiveness, i.e. bio availability, is reduced. Clumps are not bioactive at all.

This was confirmed in the Baati et. al. rat study which noted that dissolved C60 appears hundred times more bioactive than when it is in suspension. In fact the action of soluble C60 is immediate while that of suspended C60 is delayed because it has to be dissolved to act.

Brief History of C60