I started taking FullerLifeC60 and I have been very happy with the results. After only 5 weeks of taking it, I was surprised to find the knuckle on my ring finger was back to normal after being swollen for 9 months. I was finally able to wear my wedding ring again! The other change that I noticed has been a significant decrease in the soreness of my right elbow that has been hurting for over a year. The only thing I have done differently is taking the FullerLife C60 which apparently is reducing the inflammation in my body. I plan on continuing to take the FullerLife C60. The price is great and it is very simple to take each day under the tongue. I highly recommend it!

6/22/20 I wanted to give an update on my elbow pain. I have been taking the Fuller Life C60 strips for 8 months. About two months ago, I realized I was not experiencing any more pain in my elbow especially after paddle boarding and gardening which were two things that caused it to hurt even more last year. Also my workouts have been stronger and I am sleeping better. I am continuing to take the C60 strips everyday. My daughters and husband have also been taking it to keep their immune systems healthy. I am still highly recommending this product! Peggy – Google