I have been taking FullerLifeC60 for approximately 3 months and the results have been very encouraging. I had a sore spot on my face that periodically became itchy. I spoke to my GP and he recommended getting it iced off just to be safe. It took me awhile to notice that it isn’t sensitive anymore and appears to be shrinking. I also take daily eye drops for pressure in the back of my eyes. This has been going on for a couple of years. I have had numerous field tests for my eyes showing the blind spots. I did the latest one just a couple of days ago and the results improved from the last one. My vision is clearer, the eye specialist said it’s probably because I am getting better at the test because poor eyesight is irreversible. I am believing different. Fingers crossed, looking forward to proving him wrong with continued use of FullerLifeC60. Peter Zotti – Google