My Dad is 95,Stepmom is 92. Both are doing so much better using one little sheet a day. Tastes great so they’re happy to take it. I haven’t told them anything about it because they are totally conventional and not into supplements but I can tell that they know that they’re feeling more active, focused and happier. Today they drove to their favorite restaurant for the first time in months. I had been using various oil based C60 products at a Tablespoon a day and have been happy with all the brands I’ve tried but now have switched to using only FullerLife C60 instead . One a day was great for me for the first month but about a week ago I went to 2 a day just because I’m working to feel a lot younger. There was a point in my life where I realized that if I don’t start feeling like I’m becoming younger somehow, I’ll just continue to feel like I’m getting older. C60 isn’t the only thing I’m using but it may be the best. I’ll do an update on my folks and myself when I have some more good news. Vegan4Life – Amazon