Sunburn is inflammation of the skin due to excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Not only is it painful in the skin for days, but the damage ( Sunburn ); can manifest as discoloration of the skin in the short term and cancer decades later. This is most unfortunate as exposure to the sun is healthy and beneficial to our mood and a good source of Vitamin D.
( alternatives toxic sunscreen ).

Recently, sun blocking lotions and sunscreens have come under scrutiny. It appears as if there are no good alternatives for the skin.

Sunlight penetrates the outer layers of the skin, exposing the live skin cells underneath to UV radiation. UV light is highly energetic ( Toxic ) and creates molecules called free radicals. These molecules have an extra unpaired electron, which makes them highly reactive. They will react within a very short time with healthy skin cells, causing damage. The immune system detects the damage and reacts by producing inflammation. This is the swelling and redness that we can see and feel.

Inflammation can be reduced by antioxidants. Antioxidants react with free radical molecules, absorbing the extra unpaired electron ( Toxic ) and neutralizing them back to safe, stable molecules.

The most powerful antioxidant is C60. Due to its small size, hydrophobic character and ability to sequester up to 34 unpaired electrons from free radicals, it absorbs readily into the skin to protect against UV radiation and stop inflammation. FullerLifeC60 Strips and Skin Cream are the most bioavailable and convenient C60 products in the market.

FDA doesn’t allow us to claim that our products prevent, treat or cure. The best we can do is relate the experiences of people who have used our C60 products.

People who have gotten sunburns report that when they apply our FullerLifeC60 Skin Cream to their burns, it quickly eases the itching, pain and inflammation.

Furthermore, customers report that when they take FullerLifeC60 Strips, they don’t get sunburned at all.
( alternatives toxic sunscreen ).