C60 is the most effective anti-oxidant known to exist.

Carbon-60 (C60):

  • Extended the lifespan of laboratory rats by 90% ( C60 ).
  • Reversed symptoms of ALS in laboratory rats.
  • Inhibited the replication of the HIV virus.
  • Killed cancer cells.

Those who have taken C60 report

Pain went away
(e.g. hip, knee, shoulder)

Better physical energy and mental clarity

Higher quality of sleep

Can a powerful anti-antioxidant help you live a Fuller Life?

Our next step is to test our FullerLife™ C60 Buckyballs with others. My close friends are finding that FullerLife™ C60 Buckyballs works for them. We want to expand this study to get additional feedback on its effectiveness from a hundred individuals. This is where you come in.

These 100 individuals must be willing to:

1. Provide feedback on their experience using FullerLife™ C60 Buckyballs (we will provide you with a feedback form for this)

2. Cover the out of pocket costs to make the our FullerLife™Buckyballs

Each 500 ml bottle contains 5mg of fully dispersed C60 molecules.  A one teaspoon serving daily of FullerLife™ C-60 delivers 100 m gm of C60.  This contains 83 quadrillion Buckyballs, capable of neutralizing six free radical electrons each!
50-Day Supply
150-Day Supply