The idea that C60 can extend your lifespan is not yet fully supported by scientific research.

While some studies have shown that C60 may have potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and improving cognitive function in animals, there is no evidence that it can significantly extend lifespan in humans.

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Extending The Lifespans Of Rats

However, a study published in the National Library of Medicine showed that orally administering C60 regularly to mice almost doubled their lifespan.

This is believed to be due to alleviating the cause of oxidative stress.

As such, the idea that C60 can extend the lifespan of humans is still speculative and unsupported by scientific evidence.

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Can C60 Supplements Reverse or Slow Down the Aging Process?

The current scientific evidence on the potential effects of C60 on aging is limited and inconclusive.

While some studies conducted on rats (the one mentioned above), have shown promising results in terms of promoting longevity and reducing age-related symptoms, it is unclear whether these effects would translate to humans.

Therefore, it is currently unknown whether C60 supplements can reverse or slow down the aging process in humans.

It is important to approach any health claim related to C60 supplements with caution and to rely on established, evidence-based strategies for promoting health and longevity, such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep.

It is also important to note that the aging process is complex and multifactorial, and there is no single supplement or treatment that can fully reverse or stop the aging process.

Instead, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and addressing risk factors for age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, can help to promote health and longevity.

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